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Reasons to Invest in Bulgaria

posted 3rd January 2019

8 Reasons to Invest in Bulgaria:

  1. You can still find a dream seaside properties for exceptionally reasonable amount of money.
  2. Well developed infrastructure with still low cost of leaving. You can enjoy your being minimizing your stress.
  3. One of the best locations for retirement! Comfortably warm summers with very mild winters that hardly ever have any snow. Your US pension will get you comfortable leaving. Even if you do not speak native language you will easily get by as most of young generation speaks English.
  4. You can get absolutely stunning deals on properties within 40-60 minutes by car off seaside. For locals this is considered long distance but coming from a major metropolitan area we do not even consider it a travel time. However, your drive will be beautiful and pleasant; no stress, no traffic, just beautiful nature.
  5. Seaside climate that many find very calming and good for their health. Black sea has high levels of iodine which is a natural cure of many illnesses.
  6. With an easy 2 hour flight you can reach almost any destination within Europe. So, Bulgaria can be your home base while you are discovering all European countries one at a time.
  7. Are you an internet entrepreneur? Here is where you find your jackpot! Low cost of leaving, surrounded by peace and beauty. I think we forgot to mention naturally organic and delicious food. Its simply worth experiencing!
  8. Most amazing nature! Amazing organic fruits and vegetables. The best honey. Famous health products made of rose. Black Sea! Natural springs. Outdoors. And many more things to enjoy!